DEKOGENA Fashion, the art-of-wrapping brand

"Equip your product with a bow,
affection and success will grow"

Ribbons are not only the ultimate gift symbol, but also an effective sales booster, giving your products at the point-of-sale

  • - more attention,
  • - more sales,
  • - higher sales prices and
  • - attract additional groups of buyers.

This is not only proven by the above quote from a long-time business partner, but is also impressively demonstrated by a study conducted by the Harz University of Applied Sciences under the direction of Prof. G. Felser with the support of the Multisense Institute Germany.

In addition, you receive our loops ready for use and easy to apply in no time at all.

Clothes make the man - loops make packaging. Successful.

Creating the perfect packaging is an art. The beautiful wrapping should touch the viewer emotionally and stir up anticipation for the contents. We make sure that your products leave lasting impressions as gifts.

Pastry shops

Cakes and pastries are the supreme discipline of a pastry chef. It's not just about every gram of flour and sugar, but also about a flawless appearance. This is the only way to communicate the quality of the goods to the outside world. Our decor options put the icing on the cake for your products and provide visual highlights.


Loops with clips, loops with wire clips, clip loops, loop clips. Loops with an adhesive label,
loops with an adhesive point, loops with stickers, loops with adhesive.
Bows with tape, bows with elastic tape, elastic bows.


Finely coordinated aromas, delicate melting and filigree structures - pralines promise noble pleasure and seduction. The small masterpieces from the confectionery sector are not only characterized by their taste, but also by their visual perfection. With our decorative ribbons and bows, the overall aesthetic appearance of your sweet creations is rounded off. In this way, you can also visually demonstrate an exclusive taste - and sell more.

Hotel business

So that the guests of your hotel not only feel comfortable, but also become regular guests and recommend your hotel to others, it depends on the details. A small welcome gift, cosmetics in the bathroom arranged with a bow as a gift show your visitors that they are important to you. Dekogena offers you an attractive selection of ribbons and pre-tied bows with which you can easily do this.


Anyone who opts for high-quality food and culinary specialties demonstrates an enormous awareness of quality. However, this does not just include the taste properties of delicatessen products. The look also plays an important role - it is the flagship of your products. Bows and ribbons from Dekogena show that "fine food" always means "fine look".