DEKOGENA, the art of wrapping

Creating the perfect packaging is an art. The beautiful cover should touch the viewer emotionally and stir up anticipation for the content. In this way, YOUR product becomes an attractive gift and through these sales-promoting measures you realize additional sales.

"Equip your product with a bow

Affection and success will grow"

Ribbons are not only the ultimate gift symbol, but also an effective sales booster, giving your products at the point-of-sale

  • more attention
  • more sales
  • higher sales prices and
  • attract additional groups of buyers.

This is not only proven by the above quote from a long-time business partner, but is also impressively demonstrated by a study conducted by the Harz University of Applied Sciences under the direction of Prof. G. Felser with the support of the Multisense Institute Germany.

In addition, you receive our bows ready for use and easy to apply in no time at all.

Clothes make the man - bows make packaging. Successful.

Aesthetics play a major role in the design of our bows and ribbons.

At the same time, the CI of our customers wants to be implemented tastefully and with a high recognition value.
The optics not only have to match the content, but also be appropriate to the situation and touch the viewer emotionally.

These skills make DEKOGENA Fashion the ideal partner for leading European companies in the hotel, sweets, confectionery, delicacies, cosmetics and high-quality retail stores.
All of these branches have a sense of aesthetics and value in common.