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More success - with bows and ribbons from Dekogena Fashion 

The first impression counts - this applies particularly to the packaging of your products - especially with bows and ribbons. That is why we have made it our business for many years to give your products the ideal - and therefore explicitly sales-promoting - look. Because packaging often says at least as much as the content it conceals.

Bows - the ultimate symbol of gifting.
Ribbons have the "stopping power" to set products on the shelf apart from others. They indicate more value compared to other products and thus influence buying behavior.
People are much more likely to gift an everyday product, or even an unconventional product, if it has a bow.
A product with a bow is found appealing by the vast majority.
Bows increase people’s willingness to pay more. People are happy to pay a price premium for a product with a ribbon bow.

(Source: Scientific study by the Harz University of Applied Sciences (University of Business Psychology) under the direction of Prof. Georg Felser with the support of the Multisense Institute Germany)

Our diverse range of ribbons and bows, which can also be personalized with the help of our special printing process, matches the right (colour-) tone and style in every situation.